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Book Review: The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory

Today I’m going to review The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory

I am a huge The Tudors fan and I love to read books based on historical events. I don’t know why but I’ve always felt attracted to the Henry VIII’s story. I really can’t pinpoint what is it that makes it so interesting to me, but I can’t help that I’m obsessed with it.

I decided to buy this book after finishing The Tudors a couple months ago (I know, I know I’m late to the party- save it) and I thought it would be a great idea.

This book it’s a little different to The Tudors’ series because it’s from the point of view of Mary Boleyn (The sister of Anne Boleyn) and even though it says it’s based on historical events you can tell that situations had been altered to make it more appealing to the story (as if it wasn’t interesting enough!).

I have to admit that I really enjoyed reading the book and I couldn’t stop reading it. What’s interesting is that this book it’s like Titanic. You know how it’s going to end, but you still can’t stop watching it because you want to know how they get there. Well, the same thing happened here, even though I knew how it was going to end, I wanted to know what happened and how they got there so I couldn’t stop reading.

I have to admit that this book has a lot of haters because it’s not as accurate as you may think or hope. Like I said before, you can tell that personalities were altered to make the story more appealing. And that’s kind of what didn’t make me love this book. In a world as complicated as the Royal Court you can’t have characters that are good and self-righteous and characters that are just plain crazy and evil. Nothing is black or white; everything is a huge grey mess. And I think that Philippa Gregory could have taken advantage of that grey mess and write a really interesting book.

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed reading the book; it was hard for me to put it down. The only thing I have an objection with is that the characters’ personalities could have been a little more complicated (as I’m sure they were in real life) and deep. But I have to admit that I might buy more books from the saga because I really enjoyed reading them.

So I would say that if you really enjoyed watching The Tudors and you are not too picky when it comes to accurate historical facts, you’ll enjoy this book. If you want to know how it felt like to live in the court and how desperate people were to climb to the top and be the king’s favorite, you’ll enjoy this book. If the only thing you only care about is the facts… well, don’t read this book and read a History book, a more accurate one where the only thing you’ll only get is facts.

Anyway, if you want to give this book a try I would leave a link right here where you can get a great deal on this book and you can get it delivered to your house for free –it doesn’t matter where you live! Besides, it’s 43% off, it IS a great deal!

So tell me, have you read this book? Do you enjoy it? Do you think I’m overreacting and the book was perfect? Do you hate it? Do you like The Tudors? Is there any historic character that you enjoy reading about? So please leave me a comment, I would love to read it! Thank you so much for reading this and if it’s the first time visiting ITBC feel free to check out the rest of the blog! I hope I see you next time…. Bye!



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Wonder Woman is here to save the day!

I just came out of the movie theater and I HAD to do a review on Wonder Woman. I’m not going to spoil anything so you can keep reading. I always hate it when there are spoilers on reviews so I’m not going to spoil the fun for you.

This movie was THE BEST ever!! I know, I know, so far this is hardly a serious review. But trust me, is hard to keep my cool when there is something as amazing as this movie going on.

Let me start this review by saying that it is SO important for us women to have such a strong and badass female superhero out there. In a world where female superheroes don’t get their own movies (I’m looking at you Black Widow) because we are a nice “sidekick” but we are not important enough; having Wonder Woman is a game changer. What’s the message you are sending to every little girl or teenager when they only see a male superhero in charge? Well, it says “you are not strong or important enough” loud and clear. And it hurts, it hurts so bad.

Because yes, I know we now have Black Widow, Scarlett Witch, Harley Queen and a brief Cat Woman in Christopher Nolan’s Batman, but until now women weren’t considered strong enough to have their own movie. And Wonder Woman changes everything, why? Because seeing the Amazonians in Themyscira made me feel like we women can do anything. I’m used to see men fighting with awesome skills, using badass weapons and not missing a beat against the villains and yes, “We can do it too if we try hard enough, nothing is impossible, blah, blah, blah” but when you see an actual woman doing it… something clicks. It’s not just about thinking you can do it, it’s about feeling it. You feel it’s possible that, with enough training, you can actually accomplish anything.

Also I think it’s awesome that guys and kids stop looking at us as sidekicks or as the love interest, and they start to look at us as someone that can actually save the day or even save de world!

I hope Wonder Woman is the beginning of a lot of female superheroes movies and not an exception.

What are your thoughts about Wonder Woman? Have you seen it? Did you like it? Do you think it’s important for women to have a female superhero as the main character in a movie? I would love to read your comments in the comment section below.

See you next time… Bye!

Review: Sentry Calming Collar for cats

Hello again! Today I’m going to do a review about a product that has saved my life. Ok, maybe it didn’t save my life but it made it waaay easier. I’m talking about the Sentry Calming Collar for cats. I’ve been using it (well, not me, my cat Kirara) for two years now and I’ve seen a LOT of improvement. When it was the time for me to decide whether or not to use the collar, I searched online and I didn’t find much. Yes I found the technical details or the reviews on Amazon but what about the average buyer that’s been using it for years? What does he have to tell me? So here I am, I’m going to tell you what I have to say about the Sentry Collar for cats after using it for 2 full years.

This is NOT a sponsored post. Sentry is not giving me money or products to write this, it’s my honest opinion about this particular product because I’ve found it so helpful that I needed to share it. 


Why did I have to start using Sentry Collar for cats?
My cat Kirara suffers from anxiety. She has always been aggressive towards people and terrified of them (except my dad, my boyfriend and me) and she used to be so on edge all the time. One moment she was fine, the next one she was biting your arm off or running and biting your leg when you walked past her. I honestly, even though I didn’t enjoy it, didn’t care much about the bites or the scratches on my body but I could tell that she wasn’t having a good time either so I decided to take action. I talked to the vet and he suggested I should give those collars a try because the collars helped a lot of stressed cats.

How did I start using it?
Before I actually buy it (because here in Argentina they are really expensive) the vet suggested I buy a regular collar and place it around her neck, to see if she could handle having a collar (since every cat is different, there are cats that don’t handle collars very well) because there was no point in buying the Sentry collar if I wasn’t going to be able to put it on her. And that’s what I did, and it didn’t seem to bother her at all. She wore it for 1 full week before I decided to buy the actual one.

What happened when my cat start using it?

At first, nothing. She didn’t even realized she was wearing it and there was an overwhelming lavanda smell wherever she would go. But then, after a few days I could tell something was happening, something good. She started to sleep more, to get closer to me and my family. She would rub herself against my legs more often and she wasn’t so on edge when someone walked near her. Also, she started to purr more! It was so nice!

Several weeks later I could tell she was more relaxed. The attacks were 90% less frequent and she wanted to be petted more often. Besides, when strangers came to the house she would hide instead of going crazy and attacking my guests, as she used to do.

And now, after two years I can tell she is happier, less afraid of the world that  surrounds her. And the collars lasts longer. At first, after three weeks, the effect of the collar would wear off and she would start acting anxious again, but now the collar lasts two whole months before she starts to behave anxiously and the aggressiveness isn’t as much as before.


Would I recommend Sentry Collar for Cats?
Absolutely, in fact, I did recommend it several times. For example, my aunt’s cat was about to die. The cat wasn’t eating or grooming himself because of how anxious he was.  It was really sad. My aunt was desperate so I suggested she should try the Sentry Collar for cats. It literally saved his life. He started to eat, he felt safe around people and he fully recovered.


So, there you have it: my experience using Sentry Calming Collar for cats. Do you have any questions? You can leave them in the comment section below and I would answer them! And, tell me, have you ever used Sentry Calming  Collar for cats?

I guess that’s all. See you next time… bye!