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How to get books delivered to your house for free

Today I’m going to show you an awesome website that I started using about a year ago. It’s called Book Depository and it’s a dream come true.  Why?Because it delivers any book you buy, even if you live outside the U.S., directly to your house FOR FREE!! That’s right, I live in Argentina, which is a country located in South America that is far away from everything and I still get the books delivered to my house, for free!!

I feel weird about writing about this because I tend to think that everyone already knows about Book Depository but, on the other hand, a little over a year ago I had absolutely no idea that it existed so, I would like to think that by writing this I will be helping another bookworm like myself to get a hold of amazing books by using this e-shop.

How does it work? Well, like any other e-shop, first you go to their web: and you start browsing for those books you have always wanted but they were too expensive to buy or they didn’t even exist in your country.

I love to read but I often like certain titles that are not even available in my country so sometimes it can be next to impossible to get a hold of certain books that I want. I’ve had a lot of moments where I would browse for a book on e-shops and I would find it, I would try to buy it and I was asked to pay three times the price of that book in order to get it delivered to my house. And that would always stop me until now.

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They deliver your books in no time (I’m used to a month or two of waiting, but with Book Depository it’s only two weeks!) and they even give you a nice bookmark every time you order something. And sometimes they have amazing sales where the books are 70% off! I know, it’s crazy!!

So next time you want to buy a book, don’t forget to check Book Depository out. You might end up saving a lot of money!!

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So tell me, did you know about Book Depository? Have you tried it? If so, what book did you buy? Did you find that book that you were looking for? I would love to know, so please let me a comment in the comment section down below!

See you next time… bye!!


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Organization life hack

When it comes to doing stuff – I am a very organized person. I like to seize the day, I like to do a bunch of things every day so I can get things done fast. And to be able to do that means I have to be very organized when it comes to knowing all the things I have to do.  This is why I want to share my tricks with you so you can also be organized and seize the day.

First: Write down all the things you have to do.  I’m serious, every single one of them! Even if it means writing down “Take a shower” or “have lunch”. Why? Because when you write down everything, your brain doesn’t have to focus on what you have to do so it can focus on how to get it done.  Do this at the beginning of your day, when you just woke up or while having breakfast. I recommend you write it down, you can print this list that I made for you, it’ll be really helpful! I strongly recommend that you write it down on this list or on a notepad instead of using an electronic device.

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Once you have all the things you have to in mind, try to see if there is something you need to get done at a certain time or before something else happens (For example if you have to go to the bank before it closes, you have an appointment or you have to go and buy food so you can cook lunch) and write it next to that specific time on the list (or write the time next to the chore if you are making your own list).  Then, try to get everything on the list done. If there is something you need to get done at a certain time you can set an alarm, it’s really helpful!

Every time you accomplish something, crossed it off your list! That feeling you get when you do something you were supposed to do it’s awesome. And it feels so good it makes you want to be able to cross everything off your list. So that will keep you motivated to do more tasks! At least it happens to me. Also, it helps to see how much you get done during the day. Every night check on your list, see if there is something you missed and maybe you can add it to the “Tomorrow I have to” section so you can check it the following day and add it to tomorrow’s list. Also, you can see you’ve done a lot of stuff and you can go to sleep with a sense of accomplishment.

AND if you have to a lot of stuff for a long period of time (like a month) draw a calendar and try to pour everything you have to do in there. When I do that all the things that looked like a trillion things in my head now seem doable and that relaxes me. When I have a lot of things to do my brain tends to overload and I’ll feel suffocated. But if I write it down my brain calms down and I can see things clearly. Maybe you thought that you had to wait for two weeks to do something and you realize you can get it done in two days. Maybe you thought you were behind on writing that essay because you thought you needed like the day after tomorrow and you realize you actually have a full week to do it.

Writing things down will definitely help your brain out, it’ll free your mind! Now your brain will have more time and energy to do stuff instead of having to remember all the things you have to do. I would say that this is my life hack to be more organized. You don’t need money or weird things to be more organized. You need to give your brain a break: write everything down!

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Well, let me know what you think about this. And let me know if you’ve tried this and how did it go! Also, do you have any tips you would like to share?  I would love to read all about it in the comment section! Thank you so much for reading this, if you found this helpful don’t forget to give it a like. If this is the first time visiting ITBC please feel free to check the rest of the blog out and if you like it, follow Ideas That Build Cities so you’ll receive a notification whenever there’s a new post!

I really hope to see you next time… bye!