New Years Resolutions (2019 Edition)

Woah, would you look at that? I made a post the day after I came back!

I’m here to share with you my New Year’s Resolutions. What do I wanna accomplish this year? Well, let’s see…

Well, I do have one main objective which is to finally get my master in Biology. I want to be able to finish my thesis after so long. I wanna be able to say I am a Biologist specialized in Aquatic Biology. I also want to focus on myself this year, I want to do things for my own good because I’ve been having the supporting actress role in my own life. I’ve been studying nonstop and dealing with a lot of things that were overwhelming and I wasn’t doing a lot of things for myself. I didn’t take care of myself at all.

What do I want to do this year? I want to dance more, I want to start therapy, I want to eat more healthy and focus on my overall health. I want to be able to go out a little more, to spend more time with my friends and to really start writing on this blog. I want to, at least, write a new post once a month. Of course, I’m pretty sure I’ll fail and there will be months where I’ll post very often and maybe there’ll be times where I’ll skip a few months, but if I can pull this off and have a kind of consistent post schedule I’ll take it as a win.

I think 2019 will bring a lot of change, a lot of closure and quite a few new beginnings. It’s going to be an interesting year and I really do hope you stick around to be by my side as everything happens.

So tell me, What are your New Year’s Resolutions? I would love to know, so leave me a comment! And if you are not follower hit the Follow button on the right so you’ll be notified any time a new post comes out! Thank you so much for reading and sticking with me after so long,

See you next time…. bye!


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