Having a cat as a pet

Having a cat is the best thing that ever happened to me. Having a cat is coming home and having two beautiful fur balls waiting for me on the other side of the door with their tails straighten up and meowing for my attention. Having a cat is knowing that I’m never going to be able to sleep comfortably because I’m the one that’s invading their huge bed. Also, it’s knowing that I’m a good pillow because I’ve been chosen to be a place where they could just take a nap. Having a cat is having hair on my clothes 24/7 because my cats love to nap on my closet, on top of my freshly washed clothes and on top of my bed all the time.

Having a cat means I have to deal with some crazy shit from time to time. Means I would have to wake up in the middle of the night because one of my cats wants me to watch her eat. It means that I will have to stop doing whatever it’s I’m doing and play with my cat because she is not going to stop until I pay some attention to her.  It means having to occasionally clean vomit when I wake up or having to wash my sheets because my cat decided to pee on my bed for something that I did that “hurt her feelings”. It means having a guardian 24/7 when I get sick, it means having a living being right next to me for the next 24 hours until I feel better. It means having a pet that just gets it. Whenever I’m feeling blue or something my cats can feel it and they won’t leave my side. It’s not being able to eat chicken or tuna because they will drive me crazy until I give them some.

I know a lot of people think cats are “independent” and they just don’t care about their owners but that’s just stupid. That’s something said by someone that NEVER EVER had a cat before. Why? Because cats love their owners so much. Yes, they won’t act like you mean the world to them, but if they love you they will show it. They will let you know. They will purr their way into your heart and you will feel just how much they love you.

They are not obvious because they are elegant and classy. But the signs are there, they are subtle but those signals exist. You have to be smart enough to learn how to read those signs and you’ll be the happiest pet owner in the world.

Cats are crazy and I love them. I love having cats, they are my favorite pets in the world. They are amazing misunderstood creatures.

I hope you liked this little post where I ramble about the perks of having a cat. If you feel the same way please leave me a comment! Let me know if you have a cat, its name and how much crazy stuff it does!  I would love to read crazy cat experiences that you’ve faced with your cat. Thank you so much for reading this and if this is the first time reading my blog please feel free to check the rest of it out and if you haven’t subscribed feel free to do so. Also, you can follow me on my social media! Hope to see you next time… bye!



4 thoughts on “Having a cat as a pet

  1. My roommates and I have a cat named Piper and she is super playful and she shows affection by sitting next to you, but not cuddling. If you try to cuddle, she runs away or squirms out of your grasp. Cats are funny 😛

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