Using your phone is like smoking in the 50’s

We are all addicted but we just don’t know it.

I know the title it’s a little too much, but I swear I have a point. I personally think everyone or almost everyone is addicted to their phone.

It’s crazy, but every time I look around when I’m on the bus or the subway or even walking on the street; all I see is the top of people’s heads. Why? Because they are looking down at their phones. I know it’s crazy but I’ve noticed that nobody is paying attention to their surroundings anymore. They are looking at life through Instagram (I’m not going to talk about this again, I’ve already talked about how bad I think Instagram is, you can read it here), Facebook or Twitter.

cellphone Head

And I’m starting to feel like it’s a dangerous addiction. I’ve realized that I’m capable of spending 2+ hours on Social Media. And it’s just a waste of time because I’m doing literally nothing. Sometimes my daily commute to college is shorter because I lose track of time because I’m on Twitter or Instagram and it scares me. I’m trying to stops using social media so much because I feel like it’s dangerous to me. I lost track of time and somehow I can’t stop using it. It’s the first thing I do when I wake up and the last thing I do when I go to bed and I hate it. And it’s like I can’t control it. I’ve noticed that when my friends and I get together there is a moment when everyone is just silent and going through Instagram. Maybe it all started with a “Let’s just take a picture so we can post it on Instagram” and one posted it, and the other went to Instagram so they could like it and comment on it.  And then we were sucked by it. And maybe I’m overreacting but I feel it’s happening to everyone lately.

It’s awful to see how everyone is looking down at their phones in spite of being in a great place or having a nice day at the park. They aren’t looking at how green the grass is or how blue the sky is. They are looking at the latest meme or they are taking a selfie.

cigarrillos 2

And the worst thing is that it’s accepted worldwide. Everyone does it. And when we try to stop it, we use an excuse like “It’s funny”, “It’s not that bad”, “It helps me to stay connected with friends from all around the world”, “I’m socializing”, etc. And maybe it is true, but I believe it’s a little too much. I think it’s an excess of over-sharing information. I think we need to start to tune down the sharing and start living.

cigarrillo 3


Sometimes I think it’s like smoking in the 50’s: everybody thought it was cool and it was socially accepted. Like here in Argentina people were allowed to smoke inside the hospitals (like wtf?) even in front of sick people. They were also allowed to smoke in rooms where there were no windows and only one small door. When we think about it now it seems crazy, but that’s how it was before. And I think it was because no one realized how bad it was until people started to die. I’m not saying using our social media is going to kill us, but all I’m saying is that it’s not healthy for us. And the reason as to why we don’t realize this is because there hadn’t been enough evidence to point it out because everything is so fresh and sudden. We need time to see the real repercussions of it all.

Maybe I’m crazy, but that’s how I see it. And that’s why I’m trying to use it a lot less than I used to. Do you feel the same way about phones and social media in general? I would love to know what you think, let me your thoughts and comments in the comment section, please! Thank you so much for reading this and if it’s the first time visiting please feel free to check my blog out! I hope I see you next time… bye!



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