Instagram is the most unhealthy social media there is

As a woman in her early twenties, it’s really easy to see why everyone feels drawn to Instagram. It’s all about capturing moments and posting them online. It’s all about the looks, about vanity:  the perfect summer body, the perfect room, the perfect house, the perfect sunset, the cutest cat, the perfect smile, the perfect outfit of the day, the perfect theme… it’s clearly about perfection and about rubbing it in everyone’s faces. When we all see that, we want that. Our brain tells us that such perfect things are possible in life and that if we do “things right” we can also have that. But that is a lie! Why? Because we try to recreate something that is not real:  we just don’t realize how fake all those pictures are.

Take the “I woke up like this” selfie for example. You woke up, you turn on your phone and you try to take a picture. Of course you’re gonna look like hell without makeup and using your frontal phone camera, I don’t know what you were expecting.  The ugly thing is that we probably don’t ‘look like hell’ but we think we do because we don’t look like that selfie with the 20,000 likes.  We never realize that those “domestic selfies” are probably taken with a professional camera, with the girl wearing professional makeup and with a little help of 4+ hours of hard work on Photoshop.

Also, it seems our lives revolve around it. We go out to eat and we first take a picture of our dish to upload it to Instagram instead of just tasting it because if there is a chunk missing it isn’t perfect anymore. We hang out with our friends and we pose for the camera as if we were having the best of times, instead of actually having them. We upload everything and we see the reactions: how many people saw it, how many of them liked it, etc…

Instagram is an unhealthy competition where everyone is competing to see who has it better: Who looks happier, who looks thinner, who goes to the most beautiful place and gets the perfect picture…  And all of the sudden you start to think about your life as an Instagram theme. And the worst part? It doesn’t even make us happy. We are not capturing moments like in the old times when we would take a picture to cherish it in the future. Now we take a picture so we can share it with the world and let them know how happy we are and how perfect our lives are.

In an era where looks are everything, Instagram comes as a dangerous weapon in this unhealthy fight.

So tell me, what are your thoughts about Instagram? Do you feel the same? What are those Social Networks that you think are damaging us the most? Do you think I’m overreacting and it’s not that big of a deal? I would love to read what you think in the comment section below!

See you next time… bye!

12 thoughts on “Instagram is the most unhealthy social media there is

  1. You are soo right! I do think all social media at dangerous they are all about pretending something that we are not. The dangerous part about it is that we not all realize that and we aspire to have a fake life instead of enjoying our own life

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  2. I deleted my instagram when I first joined because of that. It made me feel depressed and inadequate. Now that I’m more stable it isn’t as bad in effect but I still have to be careful. Now I use it mainly for my blog and i ensure that on my personal page nothing is perfect.

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  3. Last Sunday i went with a group of probably the sweetest girls around to watch Black panther, we ate, we talked, we laughed, we watched the movie and had the time of our lives! BUT did not take a picture together or anything, there absolutely is zero documentation of that day, and i cant stop obsessively thinking about it, how i would be posting it to social media, how it would give me a false sense of superiority that am out there having a good time! and this post just made me realize how distorted all that is, i am not obsessing about how blessed i am to have met with those people instead! and to think and be grateful that that moment happened! its tiresome to constantly live a life where we feel like we need to prove something! using lies most of the times of course Social media is super unhealthy, and making us into fake shallow people,its taking so much of our lives away that it makes me sick!!
    p.s i love, love your blog x

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    1. First of all: Omg, thank you so much for your kind words! I’m so glad you like my content, I used to work really hard on it. The fact that you love my blog means the world to me. And I’m so sorry I suck so much at replying; I’ll try to improve that.
      Yes, sometimes when I don’t take a picture or I don’t share it on Instagram or Facebook I tend to have that feeling that I am “hiding” something. I really think that not taking pictures or at least not sharing it every single time it’s healthy. You have to live your life for yourself, don’t live it to show it to others. And yes, it’s actually tiresome and it can get really depressing really fast because when you do something that you feel it’s not worth sharing maybe you feel like that’s not exciting enough and it can make you sad or even depressed.
      That’s why I tend to share nothing on social media. I’m not that active but I like it that way, it makes me feel like my life is actually mine and I can do whatever I want without feeling judged.
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, I really appreciate it and it’s one of the reasons I became a blogger: to talk to others and read their points of view regarding some topics!

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