Bet on yourself – Don’t let fear stop you.

Have you ever had that moment where the fear of doing something almost stopped you from doing it? Like I mentioned in my last post, a few months ago I went to El Calafate and I said that I walked on the famous Argentinian Glacier: The Perito Moreno. I can say that I did it because I actually walked on it (even though it was one of the most challenging experiences in my life), but at one moment I almost didn’t do it because I was too afraid.

When my boyfriend and I were booking the excursions we read this excursion called “Big Ice” and we thought “Let’s do it!” because it sounded great. I mean, a three-hour walk ON the Perito Moreno? We had to do it. We made a few calls and asked a few questions about it and we found out that even though there were some specifics requirements, we could do it if we wanted to.  So we booked it and we didn’t think too much of it until we got there.

When we got there everyone was like “Oh… the Big Ice, you had to be ready for that. That’s no piece of cake” and others were like “You are going to do the Big Ice? It’s a little too much; you have to be prepared for that! I heard you have to escalate a few rocks, that it’s dangerous, and you have to listen carefully to what your tourist guide says or you can hurt yourself really bad” and that really got me thinking. Because, well, I exercise from time to time; I’m no couch potato. I’m always moving but I’m not let’s just say… a fit person. I have an extra pounds but it’s not like I’m fat.

Anyway, the day before the trekking on the Perito Moreno, I was so scared that I started to worry my boyfriend. All I could think about was that I didn’t want to be the girl that would hold everyone back; I didn’t want to be a burden.  Besides, we paid a lot of money for it, so I wanted to be able to do it and I didn’t want to ruin it for both of us.

Somehow my boyfriend assured me that everything was going to be ok and I decided that I was going to try it. I wasn’t going to let fear get the best of me. I have to admit: I didn’t sleep well the night before, but the day of the excursion I decided to wake up and do my best. I grabbed everything I needed and we parted.


When we got there I was really scared and when we started the tour guides warned us that everyone that was the last call to back off, but I was betting on myself and I wasn’t going to quit. So I stayed, and I started to walk. This Big Ice tour consisted of three parts: a 40 minutes trekking on land (it was hard) until a base camp, a 3-hour walk on the Perito Moreno and a 40-minute trekking on land to come back to where we started.

Let’s just say I almost quit during the first part. I was so close to finishing it but I wasn’t able to breathe anymore. We were so high on the mountain that there wasn’t enough oxygen, I had a lot of clothes on (it was really cold outside but I was moving so I started to get hot) and my blood pressure was low, really low. I almost fainted. But I stopped and  I tried to calm down. A good lady and my boyfriend helped me and I was able to recover from it. All I could think in that moment was “They were right, I am not fit enough to do this, it’s too much for me” and I remember looking to my boyfriend and say “I don’t think  I’m going to be able to do it” but he told me to calm down and breathe. And that’s what I did.

After recovering I was able to finish the first part of the tour and the tour guides asked me how I was doing and after eating candy and drinking water I decided that if I was going to die, I might as well die on the Perito Moreno and not right next to it.


So I got all the gear and we started to walk on the Perito Moreno!! It was amazing, after the worst part (the first one) was over, everything was breathtaking! It was gorgeous, kind of magical! And that’s when it hit me… I almost didn’t see ANY of that because I didn’t believe in myself! Everyone told me I wasn’t going to be able to do it and I almost believed them. Look at all this beauty! And I was able to see it because I made a last minute bet on myself.



So here is my advice: trust in yourself, don’t let anyone tell you what you can and what you cannot do. Try everything. Push yourself, find your own limits. You are capable of a lot of things, don’t let fear stop you from doing amazing things and from achieving incredible goals.  


I would love to hear your stories! Have you ever had one of those moments? What happened? I want to know, please leave me a comment in the comment section below!

See you next time… bye!


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