Our obligations are killing our hobbies.

Why is it that when you do something for fun it’s not as important as something that you actually have to do? I mean, the reason why I haven’t been uploading anything lately is because a new college year started and I always have to do something college related first in order to “feel productive”. And I think my problem is that I don’t think that something related to my well-being is as important as an obligation. Why do I have to do everything that I “have to do” first, in order to be happy and be able to do what I actually want to do?

Why do we procrastinate ourselves so much?

I know this might sound weird, or crazy, but I have this theory that when we procrastinate we don’t do that thing we actually want to do, we “lose track of time on social network” or we “end up organizing something” but it’s not that thing we wanted to do in the first place because in order to have our ‘treat’ we need to go through something bad, in this case: an obligation. And because of that we even end up procrastinating something we actually enjoy doing!

For example, if I have to do my homework and I want to write on my blog, I need to do my homework first in order to be able to enjoy writing on my blog. So every time I end up procrastinating doing my homework, it’s because I lost track of time gathering my strength to do it while scrolling down on my social network. It’s like I’m cheating my obligations with something I don’t actually want to do so it doesn’t feel like cheating because I am not enjoying it as much as I should.

But obligations aside, I think we feel like we owe society more than we owe ourselves. Sometimes we need to put ourselves first, we need to let society down once (and not care about it) in order to do whatever we want to and to be able to enjoy it. If we forget  we need to be happy we will end up doing a bunch of stuff we don’t want to do and we’ll think our whole purpose in life is to do what society tells us to do. That is so messed up it needs to stop.

So here I am, I decided to leave my class today and came home earlier because I was feeling a little blue and I wanted to write a little bit so I chose to put myself first. And I am actually happy that I did it, even though it was a tough call. It’s never easy, at least for me, to walk away from an obligation. I tend to push myself to the limit in order to feel like I’m capable of doing anything even if it means to push myself to a “ let’s have a mental breakdown” limit. And that… well, it’s not healthy at all.

Let’s try to put ourselves first and see how it goes! Let’s give it a try! I promise that I would try it and if I succeed, you will be seeing more posts from me from now on. And please, let me know in the comment section below: is it hard for you to put yourself first? What is that number one obligation you feel like you have to do first?  I would love to read your comments!

See you next time (I hope it’s anytime soon!)… bye!

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