Betta fish: The myths and the truth – Part 2.

Hello again! Today I’m going to bring you the second part of one of my lasts posts in order to help you understand your betta a little bit more. If you haven’t read Part 1 you should go and do that first! Like I said before, there are a few things I came across while doing the proper research before getting a betta that left me in awe. Those things were a few myths that people truly believed in and most of these were life threatening for Betta fish!

Bettas can live in a vase, it recreates the natural environment of your Betta – FALSE!
The idea that this beautiful animal can live in a secluded space like a vase is unbelievable: there is barely any oxygen for them, the water temperature will vary greatly stressing your betta, there is no way the roots of your plant can filter the ammonia in the water and betta fish are carnivorous so they can’t survive by only eating the plants roots. So next time you hear this, tell that person that it’s a myth and a betta under those conditions will be extremely unhappy -and die rather quickly-.

Bettas are great Goldfish’s companions – FALSE!
This is a myth because goldfish are cold water fish while bettas are tropical fish! These myth came from the same myth bettas have to endure: the idea that goldfish can survive in a jar. So if both can survive in a jar why not put them together, right? NO! N-O-! Putting any animal in a jar is cruel and you can’t put these two together because they do not live in the same conditions! So this is a huge NO NO.

Female bettas need other female bettas to keep them company – FALSE!
This is a common problem with fish, we tend to see them as humans so we tend to think they have the same needs we have. We see them “sad and lonely” and we tend to think they “need a buddy” but that sometimes is not true, specially with bettas. Bettas are solitary fish and they are ok with that. They can be bored and that’s why you think they are sad and lonely but there are so many ways to entertain them that doesn’t involve other fish. So no, even though you can actually have a sorority tank (I do not recommend it because wounds and death are common in these situations) there is no need for a betta, even if it’s female, to have another female betta.

Bettas don’t feel pain, so it’s ok to make them fight – FALSE!!
I don’t know who came up with it but this myth is just stupid. A lot a people actually believe it! There have been a lot of studies on the anatomy and behavior of fish that show they have nocireceptors (receptors that sense pain) and they react to painful stimuli. So no, it’s no ok to make them fight because it can result in the fish death, stress and illness.

Bettas are stupid fish – FALSE! 
I don’t know why bettas are so misunderstood. They are actually pretty smart fish! If they are not properly stimulated they will be bored and depressed, they need behavioral enrichment. You can even teach them tricks! They recognize certain things and they know when there is someone in front of the tank.

Well, bettas are really interesting fish and I hope that this article can help you understand them better. Let’s bust those myths and try to make everyone see what’s best for them! Let’s raise awareness.

So, what do you think? Which one of these is the one you can’t believe actually exists? Let me know in the comment sections below! I see you next time… bye!

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