It’s never enough

Whenever we are doing something it feels like we are being judged. Maybe not directly or literally, but the feeling is still there. It feels as if what we are doing isn’t as great as that thing someone did or that our accomplishment wasn’t as great as we thought.

If we are women we never lose enough weight, we never wear enough make up, we don’t look fresh enough, pretty enough, thin enough, tall enough, we don’t laugh enough… And this goes the same way with men. They’re not masculine enough, their muscles aren’t big enough, they are not handsome enough, their voice isn’t deep enough, they don’t make enough money… IT’S. NEVER. ENOUGH.

And why is that? Huh? Why is it that it doesn’t matter what we do, there’s always going to be that Facebook post that will show that your friend got a promotion when the only thing you got is a raise? The funny thing here is that you were happy about it until you found out about your friend. Why can’t we be happy about our accomplishments for more than a few hours?

The awful part is that we keep struggling to make it enough. And maybe we don’t want it to be what others think is ‘enough’, we are happy with the things the way they are, and maybe, just maybe, we should allow ourselves to be happy because of that. But we can’t. We keep trying to make it ‘enough’. We go on crazy diets that we hate, we wear those heels that hate our feet, we accept that awful job because the pay is great. It’s not the job we want, but is the job that maybe will be considered enough.

But the thing is, it will never be enough. And we have to learn that and live with that. We have to learn to be happy because we deserve it. It IS enough, even if we don’t feel it that way. And I’m not talking about giving up and not achieving your goal because you ‘should feel happy with what you have’. I’m not promoting conformism, don’t get me wrong! I’m talking about allowing yourself to feel happy when you achieve your goal. I’m talking about recognizing your triumphs, your ups and your downs. Realize that if you are happy, then it is enough. If you are happy then enjoy the feeling, share it with the whole world and do not wonder what others think of you.

We need to learn that it is enough and that we are enough. Set your goals, think where you want to be and try to get there and enjoy the journey. Enjoy your triumphs, celebrate every time you get closer to where you want to be. Don’t care about what others have to say about your goals, how long you are taking to get there or anything. Listen to yourself and enjoy yourself; I think that’s the key to realize you are enough.

Have you ever thought you weren’t enough? Do you still feel that way? How did you overcome that?  I would love to read your stories: please share them with me in the comment section below!

I hope I see you next time… bye!

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