An open love letter to my boyfriend

Since my boyfriend and I have been together for five years and today it’s our 5-year anniversary,  I’m going to write an open letter to him. So, here it goes. Woah, I’m so nervous, I have never done this before…

Hi honey! I love you,


Me (a.k.a. your girlfriend)

Nah, just kidding, I tend to joke when I’m nervous, please don’t leave my blog! Keep reading!

Hi honey, I know this must be weird but I promise you that I won’t reveal anything or do anything to embarrass you. I love you so much and I’m pretty sure you already knew that, but I think that after five years a simple “I love you” just won’t cut it anymore. So that’s why I thought that writing you an open letter and letting everyone know how much I love you could be a pretty cool gift. It’s been 5 years since we started this awesome, beautiful relationship and a lot had happened to us. We changed a lot and we grew up together, we became stronger. We had to face a lot of bullshit and we had to learn a lot of awful things by ourselves. I’m not gonna lie to you, there were times where I thought that maybe you’ll get tired of me because everything that was happening to us was so intense and I was being a little extra and a little intense… but those awful things happening to us instead of coming between us, they came at us and we faced them as a team. It actually made us stronger.

Like I said, I know sometimes I can be a little extra, I can cry a little too much and I can feel a lot of stuff and react to it, but you figured me out. You learned to understand me like no one does. And I love you so much for that because I can finally be myself, I can be myself around you and I know that I won’t be judged and most of the time you’ll understand me. And feeling that way it’s something so amazing that I can’t even try to put into words; so thank you.

Being with you these past five years has been an amazing journey. The amount of love and understanding you give me pretty much every day is overwhelming. These past few years had been the happiest time of my life and I want you to know that.

Also, I’m so happy that YOU are my significant other because I couldn’t be any happier that it’s someone like you. Why? Because you are the best human being on the planet: you are kind, you are smart, and you are so funny and thoughtful. Also, you are so handsome, OMG don’t get me started on that one.

I love my relationship with you, I love the fact that we can be together and we can be ourselves. I love the fact that we share some interest but we don’t share all of them. I love that when I’m with you sometimes I feel like I’m by myself and I feel free. I love that you love me the way I am; with all my faults and imperfections. I love that you love how random I am, how I get passionate about things and how my eyes brighten up when I want to do something silly.

I love how much you love me and I love loving you. Because loving you is one of the best things I have ever experienced. I love how thoughtful you are, I love how we can talk about anything and still understand each other, even if we don’t agree. I love that you are not afraid of trying new things, I love how passionate you get about things you like and I love you. That’s it. I love you. I love all of you.

I only hope that our relationship keeps growing stronger as time passes. I want to keep experiencing new things in life with you by my side. Thank you for these past five years and for many, many more…

I love you so much.


Ok, that was intense guys. I wasn’t joking when I said I was a little extra and intense, see?

Anyway, I hope you guys liked how open and honest I was and I hope my boyfriend doesn’t leave me after I wrote a two-page public love letter to him. What was I thinking?

So guys, what do you think? Are you in a relationship? Would you ever write a public letter to your significant other?  What was your favorite anniversary gift to give? And to receive?

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Thank you so much for reading this, I really appreciate it!




Why did I start learning Japanese?

Ok, so today I wanted to share with you why I started learning Japanese a little over two years ago.

Here’s the thing, I love learning a new language and I love when I’m capable of understanding things in the same language they are written, like reading books in English that were originally written in English, reading books in Spanish that were originally written in Spanish an watching TV shows in English because they were made in the U.S. or England. Why? Because I think that there is a lot lost in translation when you are reading something that’s been translated. You are not listening or reading the original words that were meant to be there, you are listening to the words a translator used and most of the times, it’s not the same.  The jokes, they are not the same. There’s something special about a comedy, especially comedy, that it’s really funny in its own language but once it’s been translated… it’s not so funny anymore.

Well, this exact thing here is one of the reasons I wanted to learn Japanese, in order to be able to watch anime and read manga in Japanese, understanding the meaning of every word that’s supposed to be there.

Also, I like learning a lot about different cultures and I think that learning the language it’s a huge way to understand any culture. There is so much said (or not) with words, it’s such a key component of our life that if you are able to understand how people from a culture talk, you learn to know how they think.

For example, in languages like English or Spanish, words aren’t everything. There are a thousand ways to express things, let’s take sarcasm for example. Or here in Argentina, we tend to add so much meaning to the way we say things, you could say the same word twice but if you say it differently, it’s not the same. On the other hand, in languages like Japanese, words are EVERYTHING. It doesn’t matter how you sound while saying anything, the only thing that matters are the words you say.

But you might be asking, what does this have to do with the fact that I study Japanese? Well, I’ve always felt intrigued by the Japanese culture and I have always wanted to know more about it and what better way to understanding it than learning its language? Also, I would love to be able to watch anime or read manga in the same language it was created, without the help of translators. And last but not least? It’s actually really cool, I can read it and I can write it. I like learning languages, I speak English and Spanish fluently and I know a little bit of French and now I’m learning Japanese, which I think it’s pretty cool.

So, these are the reasons as to why I think learning a new language it’s really cool and interesting and why I choose Japanese.

So I would love for you to tell me: What languages do you speak? Do you want to learn another language? Do you think that learning a language it’s a key part of understanding that country’s culture? I would love to know what you think about this topic, so please let me know in the comment section below!  Also, if this is the first time you are reading ITBC please feel free to check the rest of the blog out and subscribe or follow me on any of my social media so you can be notified whenever there is an update on the blog.

I hope I see you next time… bye!


Having a cat as a pet

Having a cat is the best thing that ever happened to me. Having a cat is coming home and having two beautiful fur balls waiting for me on the other side of the door with their tails straighten up and meowing for my attention. Having a cat is knowing that I’m never going to be able to sleep comfortably because I’m the one that’s invading their huge bed. Also, it’s knowing that I’m a good pillow because I’ve been chosen to be a place where they could just take a nap. Having a cat is having hair on my clothes 24/7 because my cats love to nap on my closet, on top of my freshly washed clothes and on top of my bed all the time.

Having a cat means I have to deal with some crazy shit from time to time. Means I would have to wake up in the middle of the night because one of my cats wants me to watch her eat. It means that I will have to stop doing whatever it’s I’m doing and play with my cat because she is not going to stop until I pay some attention to her.  It means having to occasionally clean vomit when I wake up or having to wash my sheets because my cat decided to pee on my bed for something that I did that “hurt her feelings”. It means having a guardian 24/7 when I get sick, it means having a living being right next to me for the next 24 hours until I feel better. It means having a pet that just gets it. Whenever I’m feeling blue or something my cats can feel it and they won’t leave my side. It’s not being able to eat chicken or tuna because they will drive me crazy until I give them some.

I know a lot of people think cats are “independent” and they just don’t care about their owners but that’s just stupid. That’s something said by someone that NEVER EVER had a cat before. Why? Because cats love their owners so much. Yes, they won’t act like you mean the world to them, but if they love you they will show it. They will let you know. They will purr their way into your heart and you will feel just how much they love you.

They are not obvious because they are elegant and classy. But the signs are there, they are subtle but those signals exist. You have to be smart enough to learn how to read those signs and you’ll be the happiest pet owner in the world.

Cats are crazy and I love them. I love having cats, they are my favorite pets in the world. They are amazing misunderstood creatures.

I hope you liked this little post where I ramble about the perks of having a cat. If you feel the same way please leave me a comment! Let me know if you have a cat, its name and how much crazy stuff it does!  I would love to read crazy cat experiences that you’ve faced with your cat. Thank you so much for reading this and if this is the first time reading my blog please feel free to check the rest of it out and if you haven’t subscribed feel free to do so. Also, you can follow me on my social media! Hope to see you next time… bye!



Do you believe in bad luck?

It’s Friday the 13th and we are in the middle of October so I feel the need to talk about bad luck and about if I believe in it or no.

I sometimes feel that as a scientist I shouldn’t believe in in bad luck but I often find myself doing things to prevent bad luck (anti-jinx). I feel really silly about it but I can’t help it. Deep in my brain, I know that doing something, touching a part of my body or saying something won’t prevent things from happening, but deep in my heart I still feel the need to do something to reaffirm that I don’t want anything bad happening. I tend to dismiss correlated situations like “when you break a mirror you get 7 years of bad luck” because those things tend to be antiquated and tend to come from the same men that thought women weren’t supposed to vote because they were inferior to men.  But I also tend to find myself doing something thinking ‘I know this won’t do anything but it if it could actually help… I’m not risking anything by trying’.

I don’t believe that someone can be cursed with “bad luck” but I feel that everybody from time to time feel like they have. Because sometimes bad things happen one after the other and we can’t do anything to stop it. And I feel that we tend to try those anti-jinxes in order to feel like we are in control of these things from happening. Like I said, deep in my brain I KNOW that the anti-jinx won’t stop my ‘bad luck’ but deep in my heart I feel the need to do something that would make me feel better about my situation, that would make me feel like I did something to help and improve my ‘luck’.

Actually, it’s funny that we call ‘luck’ to a chain of events; if those events are good and make us happy, then what we have is good luck. If those events are bad, then it’s bad luck. So, I do believe that a person can have a chain of bad things happening to her/him but I don’t believe there is something like a ‘curse’ going on. I believe in life and I like to believe that energies tend to balance themselves out so when a lot of bad and shitty things happen, then good things will happen because life is a matter of opposites annulling each other.

It’s one of my goals to be able to stop doing certain anti-jinxes I couldn’t get rid of so far. I guess I would have to keep on trying!

Anyway, I would love to know what you think about this topic! Let me know in the comment section below: do you believe in bad luck? What’s your most used anti-jinx? What’s that thing that even you know it’s not true you can’t stop yourself from doing it?

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Book review: Yes Please By Amy Poehler

Hello everyone, today I’m going to share with you what I thought about Yes Please by Amy Poehler.

I don’t know why but I’ve wanted to read her book for a while. Maybe it was because I consider her a successful talented woman so I wanted to read whatever she had to say (I feel the need to tell you that I have Bossy Pants by Tina Fey on my wishlist). I have never seen her before on Saturday Night Live, but I knew she was a legend; she was funny as hell and everyone on the media loved her. So I guess that without having to see her perform, I wanted to read what she had to say.

I started the book and I completely loved it; when you are going through the pages it seems as if you are having a conversation with her. Even though it’s been edited, it feels raw, real, and honest. On this book, Amy is all over the place. She opens up about a lot of stuff, she tells you what she thinks about certain things in life (like drugs, cellphones, and marriage) and she shares with you things from her past (like her young adult life, her time on SNL and her memories while recording Parks and Rec –careful, if you haven’t watched Parks and Recreation and you are planning to, wait until you finish, because it contains major spoilers).

Like I said before, on Yes Please, Amy Poehler is all over the place, she’s not telling you her life year by year going in chronological order; she goes back and forth between past and present, making it interesting to the reader. One paragraph she’s 10 years old, the next one, she’s 25 and living in New York.

I really loved the book; I read it as if my life depended on it. I couldn’t stop reading because every time I put it down I felt as if I was stopping this amazing chat I was having with her. Her life is so interesting and she has a lot to say!

So, I would have to say that if you loved her on SNL or you loved her on Parks and Recreation, you HAVE TO buy her book. Also, if you want to read the life of a strong, funny, independent and smart woman, go for it because she’s amazing and you won’t regret it. This book will make you laugh and think about a lot of stuff, but I guess the most important thing is that it will inspire you.

So, if you are interested in buying her book, you can do it here where it also is 17% off, so don’t miss this amazing chance of buying this great book with free worldwide delivery! I really enjoyed reading it and it made me laugh out loud a few times.

So, let me tell you, have you read this book? What are your thoughts? Are you a big Amy Poehler fan or a huge Parks and Recreation fan? Now that you’ve read this review, are you interested in reading “Yes Please”? I would love to read your thoughts or whatever you have to say in the comment section, so please leave me a comment below! If this is your first time on ITBC feel free to check the rest of the blog and subscribe or follow me on my social media so you can be notified whenever I post an update! Thank you so much for reading, see you next time… bye!


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Spring is here!

No, I’m not wrong, spring has just begun here where I live (in Buenos Aires, Argentina) and even though it started a couple weeks ago I still wanted to ramble a little bit about how much I love spring. So here we go:

Spring is here and I couldn’t be any happier! I love spring, is my favorite season ever.

I don’t know what it is, and I’m going to write this even though I’ll probably sound crazy and cheesy, but beside allergies (I am VERY allergic to a lot of stuff), every time this season starts, love and happiness are in the air! I wake up happy because when I wake up in the morning, the sun is already up! It’s not too cold but also it’s not too hot. There is a nice breeze and everything you’ll need for the rest of the day is a nice hoodie and you’ll be good to go.

I can feel like almost every animal is happier, the birds chirp louder and everything looks so alive. The air smells so cozy and warm. I can’t even try to describe it. And maybe I like spring because it seems like the beginning of the Swan Song of the year. You start to feel like the year is coming to an end and to me it means that I’m closer to achieving my goals, which makes me so happy. Also, it means we are getting closer to my favorite holiday (Christmas) and that makes me so excited!! OMG, I love Christmas so much.

I have a lot of fond memories during springtime, when I think about previous years I remember that I was happy at this time of the year. Also, I started dating the love of my life five years ago around this time. And a lot of TV shows are returning and beginning and that’s always good news!

So I guess you could say that I have a million reasons to love spring but I have to say that I really don’t know what it is but the minute I start smelling spring in the air and the weather starts to feel a little warmer something clicks in me and I feel really happy.

I don’t really know why but I wanted to write about how happy spring makes me. I know it sounds weird and pointless but with so many awful things happening on the Earth right now it’s nice to think and write about things we like and things we love; it makes the world feel a little bit warmer.

Ok, my “I love spring” show is over, how do you feel about springtime? Do you like it? Do you have that same feeling about a season?  Which is your favorite season?  I would love to read your answers in the comment section! If this is your first time visiting Ideas That Build Cities please feel free to check the rest of the blog out and subscribe so you’ll be notified when I write something new! And if you don’t like giving away your email address that’s ok, you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, where you’ll be able to see whenever I post new content.

Anyway, I hope I see you next time…bye!



Book Review: The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory

Today I’m going to review The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory

I am a huge The Tudors fan and I love to read books based on historical events. I don’t know why but I’ve always felt attracted to the Henry VIII’s story. I really can’t pinpoint what is it that makes it so interesting to me, but I can’t help that I’m obsessed with it.

I decided to buy this book after finishing The Tudors a couple months ago (I know, I know I’m late to the party- save it) and I thought it would be a great idea.

This book it’s a little different to The Tudors’ series because it’s from the point of view of Mary Boleyn (The sister of Anne Boleyn) and even though it says it’s based on historical events you can tell that situations had been altered to make it more appealing to the story (as if it wasn’t interesting enough!).

I have to admit that I really enjoyed reading the book and I couldn’t stop reading it. What’s interesting is that this book it’s like Titanic. You know how it’s going to end, but you still can’t stop watching it because you want to know how they get there. Well, the same thing happened here, even though I knew how it was going to end, I wanted to know what happened and how they got there so I couldn’t stop reading.

I have to admit that this book has a lot of haters because it’s not as accurate as you may think or hope. Like I said before, you can tell that personalities were altered to make the story more appealing. And that’s kind of what didn’t make me love this book. In a world as complicated as the Royal Court you can’t have characters that are good and self-righteous and characters that are just plain crazy and evil. Nothing is black or white; everything is a huge grey mess. And I think that Philippa Gregory could have taken advantage of that grey mess and write a really interesting book.

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed reading the book; it was hard for me to put it down. The only thing I have an objection with is that the characters’ personalities could have been a little more complicated (as I’m sure they were in real life) and deep. But I have to admit that I might buy more books from the saga because I really enjoyed reading them.

So I would say that if you really enjoyed watching The Tudors and you are not too picky when it comes to accurate historical facts, you’ll enjoy this book. If you want to know how it felt like to live in the court and how desperate people were to climb to the top and be the king’s favorite, you’ll enjoy this book. If the only thing you only care about is the facts… well, don’t read this book and read a History book, a more accurate one where the only thing you’ll only get is facts.

Anyway, if you want to give this book a try I would leave a link right here where you can get a great deal on this book and you can get it delivered to your house for free –it doesn’t matter where you live! Besides, it’s 43% off, it IS a great deal!

So tell me, have you read this book? Do you enjoy it? Do you think I’m overreacting and the book was perfect? Do you hate it? Do you like The Tudors? Is there any historic character that you enjoy reading about? So please leave me a comment, I would love to read it! Thank you so much for reading this and if it’s the first time visiting ITBC feel free to check out the rest of the blog! I hope I see you next time…. Bye!



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